Alligator, no! / Jacaré, não!


This book is in Portuguese. Published by our favorite Brazilian publishers and badass women, UBU.

“Every day Luiza wake up early, takes off her pajamas and puts on her clothes. She wears the panties, she wears the pants, she wears the stockings, she wears the T-shirt, she wears the coat and she wears the … Alligator! Alligator? No! Alligator is not clothes, alligator is critter! How crazy! ”   With a simple structure, the chronicler Antonio Prata provokes the laughter when describing scenes that would be commonplace, were it not for the unexpected presence of an alligator. The experience with his two young children led the author to reflect on what makes children of that age laugh, discovering that the appearance of a strange element in an orderly enumeration of familiar objects has this effect. From there was born the book, that plays with the idea of ​​an alligator to appear amid daily activities, like bathing and going to school. Sneakily, the curious animal appears in the infant universe and completely transforms the normality of the previous scene.   The narrative comes accompanied by creative illustrations that blend reality and fantasy. With engaging text and eye-catching drawings that arouse curiosity, the book contributes to the visual and literary training of new readers and is suitable for children aged 1 to 4 years.

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