an identity polyptych


by Tameca L. Coleman

An Identity Polyptych is a multi-part, multi-genre experimental work that explores familial estrangement, identity as a mixed-race Black person, and movement towards reconciliation. It can be considered a memoir. The book works to find peace, even if it feels next to impossible. It keeps in mind the trickiness of memory, the effects of trauma, the necessity and constant work of healing, and the unfulfilled wish to feel a true sense of belonging.

Hardcover | 122 pages | The Elephants | 2021

Tameca L. Coleman is a singer, multi-genre writer, itinerant nerd and point and shoot art dabbler in Denver. Their work explores heartbreak and healing, finding the words for our experiences, familial estrangement, being “in-between” things, finding beauty, even during times of strife, and movement towards reconciliation. Their writings have been published in pulpmouth, Rigorous Magazine, Inverted Syntax, Full Stop Reviews, Heavy Feather Review, Lambda Literary, and more. Their photography has been featured in literary magazines and at Denver Westword.

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