Co-Machines: Mobile Disruptive Architecture


by Dan Dorocic, Mimi Zeiger, Kim Dovey, Alan Smart, Nick Green, Fiona Shipwright, Michael Maginness, et al.

Temporary mobile zones: how artists and designers are pursuing new provisional structures for work and play

This handsomely designed volume maps out a new architectural movement motivated by practices of place-making, occupying and squatting. All the interventions are mobile and nearly all of them are installed without permission from city planners.

Presenting international projects by emerging designers, Co-Machines raises questions about architectural permanence, the opportunities for social and ecological dynamics otherwise absent from urban planning and the scope of architecture at large.

Artists and designers include: Melissa Jin, Ahmad S. Khouja, Kaegh Allen, Edwina Portocarrero, Tyler Stevermer & Office of Urban Play, Thomas Rustemeyer, Marius Gantert & Theater Rampe, Office for Political Innovation, Fabian Busse, Leon Lai, Nico Schlapps, Eric Tan, Phillip VonHase, Andrea Bandoni + Julia Masagão + Vapor 324 + Marcos L. Rosa + Constructlab, Matadero Cornago & Sanchez, Rachel Peachey & Paul Mosig, Fanelsa, Design-team (Julia Wildeis and Gerulf Weber), Gerulf Weber (Raumkonstrukt) and more.

Paperback | 232 pages | Onomatopee Projects | 2021

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