Effin’ Birds Undated Monthly/Weekly Planner Calendar


A Field Guide to Identification

by Aaron Reynolds

The Effin’ Birds undated planner pairs vintage art of our fine feathered friends with the creative and clever expletives, profanities, and obscenities these silly birds use on a daily basis.

Each spread of this planner features some of the rudest birds on earth and their foul language, weird habits, and strange personalities that prompt them to say such hysterically awful things like, “Talking to you is fucking exhausting,” or “Do not care, goodbye.” A must-have for any effin’ birder.

Other features include:

  • Black cloth ribbon to mark your effin’ place
  • Durable perfect-bound planner with rounded corners
  • Undated, start anytime you damn well choose
  • Uncoated paper

6.625″ x 8.75″ (Opens to 13.25″ x 8.75″)

Aaron Reynolds is a humorist, professional speaker, and the man behind the @EffinBirds and @swear_trek Twitter accounts. When he’s not on Twitter, you can find him producing a series of podcasts and at ComicCons dressed as George Lucas. He has been a baseball writer, a fine art printer, and a mall Santa Claus photographer. Aaron was raised in Mississauga, Canada, a suburb where they cut down all the trees and named the streets after them.

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