OHTO Horizon Needle Point Pen


長さは約5.35 “×幅0.44″です。黒インクと樽色のあなたの選択が付属しています。

The least expensive of top-rated pens, the Needle Point is a stylish ballpoint pen with an aluminum barrel that is rounded at the bottom for a comfortable grip and hexagonal toward the top to keep it from rolling. The tip retracts with a push button action on the side of the barrel. Made in Japan by OHTO, a well known company among writing utensil aficionados.

Measures approximately 5.35″ long x 0.44” wide. Comes with black ink and your choice of barrel color. We also sell Needle Point refills.

The Horizon Needle Point Pen has an updated design, so once these are sold out, we will no longer be able to get them from Japan. We carry the new OHTO GS01 Needle Point Pen. It uses the same refill and has the same hand-feel…the only difference is the push-button action is now at the end instead of on the side. 

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.