How to Fold a Taco


by Naibe Reynoso
illustrated by Ana Varela 

How to Fold a Taco / Como Doblar un Taco is a delightful, irreverent, and fun bilingual children’s book that uses fantastical elements such as wrestlers, dragons, magicians, dinosaurs and more to explore creative ways to fold the popular Mexican dish, the Taco. By addressing concepts such as left, right, up, down, reverse, dancing, spinning, etc. it encourages children to practice basic motor skills, coordination, and active imagination.

The book provides fun, easy, and imaginative exercises through engaging storytelling. There is a simple, kid-friendly taco recipe in the book as well as a paragraph explaining the history and origins of the taco.

Ages 4 and up
Paperback | 42 pages | Con Todo Press | 2020

According to 2018 statistics from the Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC), only 10% of characters represented in children’s picture books were African American, 7% Asian, 5% Latinx, and 1% American Indian. Con Todo Press was created in 2018 to amplify the voices of underrepresented communities. They publish books that reflect a more balanced representation of women, Latinos, and people of color. Their titles have main characters of color and contain culturally relevant subject matter written by Latinx authors.

We LOVE their  mission to produce books told from an authentic and relatable perspective that bridge the gap between communities of color and media.

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