Knowledge of Self: A Guided Journal


by James R Sanders

During a time of pomp and protest, when countless Black men and Black women are losing their lives senselessly, self-care is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Knowledge of Self: A Guided Journal is a revolutionary’s diary capable of holding aspirations for justice and peace; by any means necessary.

Knowledge of Self: A Guided Journal is part self-help and all Black Power. The journal is divided into four sections: Personal Finance, Education and Politics, Health and Wellness, and Spirituality. With over 80 writing prompts, book lists and mixtapes filled with vibes inspired by the content – this journal addresses the Black experience then, and the Black experience now. Affirmations round out this reflective offering promising its author, a literary time capsule to have forever.

Paperback | 242 pages | Indy Pub | 2020

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