Meghann Riepenhoff: Ice


by Meghann Riepenhoff

“Riephenhoff’s prints are dynamic and left unfixed; they will change over the course of their exhibition. Apparently, even static records prove to be fleeting.” — Artforum

Ice is a series of unique cyanotype prints made in freezing landscapes. Like Riepenhoff’s previous Littoral Drift + Ecotone, this work is made in collaboration with the landscape, where elements from water and the shore physically inscribe into the photographic materials. Made in waters ranging from Walden Pond to remote creeks in western Washington, the prints are full of subtle details, each expressing a slightly different temperature, type of water, and crystalline structure of ice forming on photographic paper.

Meghann Riepenhoff’s work has been exhibited and is held in the collections at the High Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts (Houston), the Museum of Contemporary Photography (Chicago), and the Worcester Art Museum. Additional collections include the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which holds Riepenhoff’s 12’x18’ unique cyanotype. Additional exhibitions include Yossi Milo Gallery, Jackson Fine Art, Galerie du Monde, Euqinom Projects, the Aperture Foundation, San Francisco Camerawork, the Denver Art Museum, the New York Public Library, and the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston). Her work has been featured in ArtForum, Aperture PhotoBook Review, The New York Times, Time Magazine Lightbox, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Oprah Magazine, Harper’s Magazine, Wired Magazine, and Photograph Magazine. Her first monograph Littoral Drift + Ecotone was co-published by Radius Books and Yossi Milo Gallery.

Hardcover | 120 pages | Radius Books & Yossi Milo | 2022

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