OHTO Auto Lead Mechanical No-Noc Pencil


デザインを実用的なものにするために、OHTOは​​それに隆起グリップ部分を与えました。先端に向かって広がる形状と組み合わせると、これは保持するのに快適な形状になります。これは、かわいいデスク用アクセサリーよりもはるかに実用的な鉛筆として使用できます。 OHTOは​​、その機能が後部座席に着手するようにとの誘惑に抵抗した。


The strong metal barrel is narrow in the middle, widening out to each end, in a way that feels comfortable to hold, as well as looking good. It reminds us of old cinema logos like CinemaScope, yet in this case, has quite a modern feel to it. A simple metal clip and push-button finish one end, while the tip part is finished in matte black.

To keep the design practical to use, OHTO has given it a ridged grip section. Combined with the widening shape towards the tip, this makes a comfortable shape to hold, making this much more of a practical pencil to use than a pretty desk accessory. OHTO has resisted the temptation to let the function take a back seat to the form.

Currently available at Shop at MATTER in Yellow, Black, and Silver.

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