Stalogy Tape Circles – Earth


Stalogy Masking Tape Patches are ideal for labeling, classifying and highlighting important text on a calendar, notebook, files, binders, workbooks, and more. Removable and reusable, the round Stalogy Masking Tape Patches are thin and durable made of Japanese masking paper tape.

Product applications can include easily note a special day on your calendar, then reuse on another day, place on a 3-ring binder for quick identification, mark files in a cabinet for an efficient filing system, create art projects, and more.

Stalogy Masking Tape Patches are also enjoyed by artists and crafters alike for a unique and high-quality touch to any project.

Color coordination is made easy with the bright and bold color choices available or overlap colors to create your own custom color.

Stalogy Masking Tape Patches – Earth are available in three diameter sizes: 0.2-inch (5mm), 0.3-inch (8mm), 0.6-inch (16mm).

“What should have been, is,” is the motto of Stalogy, which is a combination of the words Stationery, Standard and Technology. Stalogy aims to create stationery with good design and function, and to improve the “Standard” level of stationery.

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