Supernew Supergraphics


“Supernew Supergraphics reflects the numerous ways in which graphics are invading public spaces and disrupting the sometimes-staid world of public architecture. It’s a compendium of graphic excess on a monumental scale. It features new work from around the globe, and interviews with leading practitioners Felice Varini, Sascha Lobe, Sara De Bondt and Boa Mistura. The book’s design by Spin is a tour de force of graphic expression. The cover pays homage to the originators of Supergraphics in the 1960s — a group of radical architects who broke the unwritten rule that you never paint on architecture. Not only did they apply paint to architecture, but they always made sure the graphics were too big for the surfaces they were applied to. This is echoed in the cover for Supernew Supergraphics.” — Publisher’s description

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