This is What Maisie Believes


by Dr. Valerie Joseph
illustrated by Michael LaRiccia

This is What Maisie Believes is a book that features the voice of Maisie — a thoughtful, energetic, happy and deeply spiritual little girl. Maisie describes her relationship with God through a series of matter-of-fact and simple declarations. Maisie’s understandings about God are incontrovertible, clear and to the point. She is infused with love, joy and acceptance for who she is, who God is, and for her African heritage. Maisie has an incipient sense of racial subjection and its internalization and has a strong belief that people’s absorption of God’s fundamental precept of love will ameliorate even the most virulent hatred.

This beautifully illustrated book is designed for children aged 6 and up, however its messages of affirmation and God’s love will find resonance in people of all ages. Amplifying Maisie’s statements are Adinkra symbols — representations of spiritual and cultural values from the Akan peoples of West Africa.

Ages 6 and Up
Paperback | 38 pages | 619 Wreath | 2023

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