11” x 17”


by Elisa van Joolen

This visual and textual reader documents the first iteration of 11″x17″. It explores some of the questions that lie at the heart of the project through contributions by Lynn Berger, Pascale Gatzen, Ruby Hoette, Alexandra Landre, and Jose Teunissen: What constitutes clothing a collection? To whom does a piece of clothing belong? What is the relationship between a fashion brand’s collection and the contents of the average wardrobe? What does it mean to cut into a garment? What happens when a piece of clothing consists of parts of multiple brands?

Paperback | 104 pages | Onomatopee Projects | 2014

Elisa van Joolen (NL/ITA) is an artist and researcher based in Amsterdam. Merging the analytical with a hands-on process Van Joolen’s work investigates the current fashion system exploring and proposing new models of production and presentation. Her approach to clothing design is characterized by strategies of intervention and reconfiguration. Her projects often reflect specific social contexts and emphasize collaboration and participation. They expose relational aspects of clothing and subvert processes of value production. She lectures at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and Goldsmiths, University of London.

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