Admit Constraints — Set of 3 with Envelopes


Admit constraints:
then, having admitted,
fill with discovery.

Excerpt from “Typography is a grid” by Anthony Froshaug.

Original letterpress card, set of 3 with envelopes (all the same design)

Printed on a 1901 Golding Jobber press from handset type.
1 ink / 1 pass on Neenah Environment PC100 paper.
Type is Standard Med, Perpetua, and Felicity.
Back is blank except for Expedition logo.

3 x 4 inches

Expedition Press is a letterpress printshop focused on poetry and type. It’s run by our good friend, Myrna Keliher in Kingston, WA. Expedition’s work aims to make poetry public in a way that’s difficult to ignore and easy to disseminate.