An A-Z of Type Designers


This handsomely illustrated volume features a comprehensive listing of outstanding type designers from around the world, ranging from Johann Gutenberg (c. 1394–1468) to the present day. Arranged alphabetically by designer, the book  features the work of more than 260 figures in type design, many of whom are among the field’s most renowned—including Morris Fuller Benton, Matthew Carter, Adrian Frutiger, Claude Garamond, Eric Gill, Frederic W. Goudy, Bruce Rogers, and Hermann Zapf—as well as entries on lesser-known designers whose contributions to typography are substantial. Entries are illustrated by examples of the designers’ work taken from posters, private press editions, magazine covers, book designs, and rare archival specimens.

An A–Z of Type Designers also features eight essays by leading contemporary typographers Jonathan Barnbrook, Erik van Blokland, Clive Bruton, John Downer, John Hudson, Jean François Porchez, Erik Spiekermann, and Jeremy Tankard. These authors discuss different aspects of contemporary type design, including typeface revivals, font piracy, and designing fonts for corporate identities.

A comprehensive account of the figures who shaped the history and evolution of typography, this book is an essential reference for both graphic designers and students.

Neil Macmillan works independently with designers and art directors styling type for use in newspapers, magazines, advertising campaigns, and corporate identities.

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