An Uncertain Age: Poems by Bold Women of a Certain Age


“An Uncertain Age is most certainly a fabulous book, not just because the poems are superbly crafted, but how they wave together so beautifully themes of womanhood, motherhood, and aging with the wonder of nature and the complexities of birth, death, and love. I read these poems and am hearted by their humor and their sorrow. These poems—and these poets—are a miracle, and I am so happy to know them.” — Michael Henry, author of No Stranger Than My Own and Active Gods; Executive Director and co-founder, Lighthouse Writers Workshop

edited by Kirsten Morgan, Connie Zumpf, and Ginny Hoyle 

Here are the voices of 23 women speaking to the art and arc of aging through poetry. An Uncertain Age explores changing bodies, evolving priorities, what is held close, and what is left behind on the journey.

Paperback | 144 pages | Ink Sisters Press | 2021

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