Androids Dream of Electric Sheep + Action Pack Foil


by Julian Bleecker, Jed Berk and the Near Future Laboratory 

The Psychological Manual everyone has been clamoring for — finally available in paperback along with Action Pack Foil Pak Flash Card Set of Electronic Sheep! This is the definitive guide to understanding the psychic and existential challenges facing the Androids we’ve come to count on, depend upon — and love.

From the back cover blurb:

“In a world where androids perform a dazzling array of tasks, we find ourselves surrounded by these extraordinary machines, intricately designed to emulate the human experience. But what lies beneath the surface of their vat-grown skin? How are they able to evoke emotional responses from us? What is their allure? What status do they deserve, and what are our obligations to them as they replicate the vast and intricate spectrum of human thoughts, emotions, and even psychological challenges?

This captivating and accessible book invites you into their psychic world through a dramatic story that allows you to explore the breadth and depths of the android psyche. You will discover the range of their abilities to evoke passion, apply intellect, reason, and deadly force. Penned by a renowned Android Whisperer/Therapist and an AI Prophet-Psychic, this engaging journey will lead you through the fascinating realm of what it is to be artificial. For the first time, you will see up close their psychological struggles, fears — and vivid dreams.

Delve into the technical intricacies of CP/M, and their S-100 bus architecture, as well as the popular MOS 6502 assembly language programming. Learn what it takes for them to become gardeners, short-order cooks, luggage handlers, cocktail servers, auto mechanics, refrigeration & heating service workers, computer repair experts, global logistics supervisors, UX designers, executive coaches, nannies, prompt engineers, eldercare attendants, college professors, c-level executives, Nobel laureates, stevedores, housekeepers, and personal emotional companions. What is their secret — and how can we tap into this for personal gain, health, wealth, and interpersonal and historical longevity?”

And the reviews!

“An insightful exploration into the complex psychological landscape of Androids, this text is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand their motives and emotions. The authors delve deep into the many layers of Android psychoses, providing a new perspective on the potential impacts of their experiences and dreams on their behavior.”
Dr. Evelyn Sterling, Cognitive Psychologist

“An enthralling journey into the minds of Androids, this text combines academic rigor with approachable prose. By addressing both normative and deviant Android behavior, the authors shed light on our evolving relationship with these extraordinary creations.”
The New York Times

“A groundbreaking and essential read, this text demystifies the Android psyche. Through detailed analysis and case studies, readers will find themselves immersed in the cognitive intricacies of these remarkable beings. A significant contribution to the field of artificial intelligence.”
Dr. Samuel Chang, Artificial Intelligence Theorist

“An eye-opening examination of Android psychology that will keep you captivated from start to finish. The blend of scientific research and thought-provoking case studies makes this text an engaging read for anyone curious about the inner workings of Android minds.”

Paperback | 112 pages | Near Future Laboratory

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