Branded Protest


Branding as a Tool to Give Protest an Iconic Face

by Ingeborg Bloem and Klaus Kempenaars 

Branded Protest takes closer look at the arbitrary – odd – relationship between “branding” and “protest”. It researches the power of branding and its influence on current protest movements, giving examples of unique branding efforts that support protest.

In today’s world, we find that visual stimulation generally holds the key to success of a message. To streamline the process, branding is becoming an essential part of the communication channel. The success of the protest actions are increased by good branding.

This book is a reference tool which will reflect on current protest developments in context with historic relevant protest movements. To show the differences and the common goal, the focus on the different branding tools of each individual protest is divided into main branding tool directions.

For students, educational professionals, brand and graphic design professionals, and a design interested audience.

Paperback | 192 pages | Laurence King Publishing | 2020

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