Buffalo Soldiers on the Colorado Frontier


Note from Rick+Debra:
While we want to include reference books about Buffalo Soldiers, we find the perspectives of many of these books problematic and anti-indigenous. Please be warned that the descriptions refer to “taming” and “defending” the West. 

by Nancy K Williams

The legendary Buffalo Soldiers, four army regiments of former slaves, were vital in taming the American frontier. The Tenth Cavalry of African American troopers rode across the Colorado plains to battle the Cheyennes and rescue wounded, starving soldiers at Beecher Island on the Arikaree River. Under the cover of darkness, the Ninth Cavalry aided besieged troops pinned down by Ute sharpshooters at Milk Creek. They drove off Cheyenne Dog Soldiers attacking a stagecoach of nervous travelers on the Smokey Hill Trail to Denver. And they braved howling blizzards and deep snowdrifts to protect lonely homesteads and wandering prospectors. Author Nancy K. Williams details the bravery and valor of these historic servicemen who served proudly defending America’s Wild West.

Hardcover | 178 pages | History PR | 2021

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