Chicana Activists of Colorado


by Deborah Martinez Martinez, Ph.D

Twenty Colorado women are featured as paper dolls and their stories told in this new book. The publisher, Vanishing Horizons, designed the unusual book as a portfolio with each page stacked inside the cover. The Chicanas featured used their determination to speak the truth and say, “¡Ya Basta! Enough!” A brief biography describes the Activist’s life and work. The book includes ‘Tools of Activist Women,’ a podium, and 80 additional ‘Women of Heart and Action,’ with two pages of references.

Paperback | 20 pages | Vanishing Horizons | 2020

We met Deborah and Bob from Vanishing Horizons at the 2022 Margins Conference. They are publishing some of Colorado’s most important titles. They are located in Pueblo. Their two-fold mission is 1/ to provide the opportunity for people to publish memoir, historical, and cultural works by offering editorial and writing services and, 2/ to publish historically accurate non-fiction and fiction. They are a Colorado treasure.

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