Cildo – studies, spaces, time / Cildo – estudos, espaços, tempo


This book is trilingual (Portuguese/Spanish/English). Published by our favorite Brazilian publishers and badass women, UBU.

Cildo Meireles is one of the most important Brazilian artists in activity, perhaps the most relevant in what is conventionally called contemporary art. With exhibitions in the world’s leading museums (Tate Modern, New Museum, Reina Sofia, Pompidou and a pavilion in Inhotim), Cildo’s work is characterized by experiments that mobilize senses beyond sight – hearing, smell, touch and taste – proposing also reflections on logical and mathematical reasoning and conceptual questions of philosophical background.

This book presents the work of Cildo taking as a goal the concept of “study”. Much of his most relevant production is shown not only with the photos of the works in exhibitions, but also with drawings and sketches that reveal the process of performing these works. Ubu’s organizers and art director had a chance to research unpublished iconographic material for this book. Included are notable installations such as Eureka / Blindhotland, Freedom Knits, The Witch and Deviance to the Red, Through, as well as more unknown works, unpublished in book. Another highlight of the volume is a selection of 12 fundamental texts from national and international critics on Cildo throughout his career, from the first exhibition in 1969 to 2017.

In a trilingual edition (Portuguese, Spanish, English), it is currently the only Cildo Meireles book available in the market.


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