Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door


by Emmanuel Laroche

Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door offers an insider’s look into culinary trends through the words of acclaimed and professionally recognized chefs.

Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door is Emmanuel Laroche’s collection of dialogues with award-winning chefs from various backgrounds and cultures, sharing their personal experiences of where and why food culture is where it is today.

Revisiting his childhood and life as a young adult in France, traveling throughout Europe, and eventually moving with his family to the United States, Emmanuel Laroche infuses his knowledge and curiosity of everything food-related within each page of Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door. His decades-long connection with StarChefs—a platform for culinary professionals that hosts the annual International Chef’s Congress—gave Emmanuel the opportunity to meet and interview preeminent culinary talent, where he built a network of trending chefs, pastry chefs, and mixologists.

Emmanuel’s podcast Flavors Unknown, as well as his worldwide search for new foods and flavors, are at the core of Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door. Scores of chefs offer essential insights and entertaining observations about the food scene today—information that will be of interest to new and aspiring chefs, as well as foodies and home cooks who follow trends in restaurants and recipes. Readers will walk away from Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door with a deeper understanding of the minds and creative practices of famous chefs, as well as a map to begin to create sensational dishes of their own.

Paperback | 318 pages | Morgan James Publishing | 2022

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