Cool Food


by Robert Downey Jr and Thomas Kostigen

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In Cool Food, celebrated actor and philanthropist Robert Downey Jr. and New York Times bestselling author Thomas Kostigen team up to discover how we can erase our carbon footprints–one bite at a time.

What we eat matters–to us, and to the planet. Cool Food is a game-changing new food category and way of thinking that can help fix the climate. This engaging and persuasive book will show you how to make simple choices, starting today–in the supermarket, in your kitchen, and in the world–to reduce your environmental impact. Hundreds of cool foods exist, but until now have gone largely uncelebrated for their climate-positive powers. Some of these foods may already be on your shelf, and some are just on the horizon. But cool food is much more than just a shopping list: it’s a way of life vitally important to our future.

Packed with eye-opening information, actionable items, and two dozen delicious recipes, Cool Food comes alive with engaging storytelling and refreshing humor. Robert and Tom have talked with experts around the globe–from farmers who are pioneering new pathways to more sustainable food, to cutting-edge, climate-friendly chefs. In seeking answers to what each of us can do, this intrepid duo discovered:

  • the power of ancient grains;
  • revolutionary farming techniques that create more sustainable foods;
  • the unexpected benefits of meal kits;
  • future foods that are made of thin air;
  • delicious and different recipes that do the world good, and much more.

What we choose to eat, where we shop, and how we plan our meals are daily choices that can have a wide impact on the world, whether we realize it or not. We have the power with each one of our daily purchases and our individual food habits to encourage a healthier and more sustainable food system for everyone.

Join Robert and Tom on this fun, exciting, and enlightening adventure and learn how to become part of the Cool Food revolution.

Hardcover | 320 pages | Blackstone Publishing Inc | 2024

Robert Downey Jr. is a two-time Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner. He has amassed over ninety acting credits over his illustrious career, ranging from Charlie Chaplin to Sherlock Holmes to Iron Man in the blockbuster franchises Iron Man and The Avengers. In addition to his film and television work, Downey Jr. is the founder of FootPrint Coalition (FPC), a non-profit solely focused on the adoption and scaling of sustainable technologies.

Thomas Kostigen is an award-winning and New York Times bestselling author and journalist. He founded the Climate Survivalist column for USA Today and has written for numerous publications, including the Washington Post, National Geographic, Discover, Departures, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, and the Wall Street Journalamong others. He is the co-author with Robert Downey Jr. of the forthcoming Cool Food: How to Erase Your Carbon Footprint One Bite at a Time.

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