Cut and Collage


A Treasury of Bizarre and Beautiful Images for Collage and Mixed Media Artists

by Kale James

Would you like to access a treasury of incredibly bizarre and beautiful images to create dynamic and impressive collages with?

Cut & Collage Volume 1 will provide you with precisely what you have been searching for. This offering from the team at Vault Editions features full-colour anatomical illustrations, incredibly rendered botanical and sea life artwork including octopi, squid, pufferfish, eels and more. Also featured are a compelling collection of birds, snakes, surgical equipment, skulls, circus freaks, tattooed men, insects, animals and oddities.

Mistakes happen when working with paper crafts, which is why a unique download link is included that will provide you with access to a print-ready PDF of all artwork featured. Reuse your favourite images as many times as you like without having to scan or purchase the publication again. Accessing the PDF will allow you to scale the size of the images so that the pieces of your collage fit together perfectly. When accessing your downloadable PDF, you will also get the Vault Editions Skulls and Anatomy sample pack completely free.

Paperback | 88 pages | Avenue House Press Pty Ltd | 2020

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