Design in Conservative Times


introduction and edited by Joannette van der Veer
text by Annelys de Vet, Yamuna Forzani, Marjanne van Helvert, Ramon Tejada, Huda Smitshuijzen-AbiFares, and Studio PMS

Conservativism in design: on the relationship between making things and making things great again.

Sporting two front covers (i.e. one on the back, one on the front) for its two thematic sections—Graphic Design in Conservative Times and Fashion Design in Conservative Times—this pocket-sized volume deconstructs and analyzes various forms of design against the backdrop of an increasingly conservative world.

From the perspectives of feminism, race, queerness, engagement, ecology, production and preservation, Design in Conservative Times seeks to unravel the intricacies of design within conservative culture. Makers and thinkers from the fields of fashion design and graphic design contribute to the book, reflecting on conservative currents in the design landscape and exploring topics such as: What is the role of a progressive designer today? What constitutes a progressive design? We are stuck between outrageous production and excessive preservation—how do we disrupt this relationship?

Paperback | 104 pages | Onomatopee Projects | 2021

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