Direct Action Handbook: A Guide to Organizing & Protesting Safely


by Kelly Baker, Ernesto Botello, David Brame, Annabel Young, Lainey Williams, Sophia Hosain, Luisa Luisa, Zoie Reamer, Annina Wells, Maggie Robbins, LB Gunter, Phillip Brun Del Re, Alex Homan, Laurel Hanna, Michael Hanes, Jill Grant and Molly Evans

Have you ever wondered how to protest safely and effectively? It’s not just about showing up, chanting, and holding signs. You need to know what your rights are, how to handle the police, how to dress appropriately for all situations, what to do when tensions escalate, how to be an empathetic ally and more. Packed with infographics and invaluable tips, this handbook is a must when you’re organizing your next protest or attending a rally or march.

Zine | 28 pages | Microcosm Publishing | 2023

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