Don’t Look Away: Embracing Anti-Bias Classrooms


Every day, 250 children are suspended from school. Many are children of color, deprived of opportunities to experience learning at the same rate and quality as white children. Many families don’t feel heard or respected in their child’s schools.

Don’t Look Away: Embracing Anti-Bias Classrooms leads early childhood professionals to explore and address issues of bias, equity, low expectations, and family engagement to ensure culturally responsive experiences. Importantly, this book will challenge you to consider your perceptions and thought processes:

  • Identify your own unconscious biases–we all have them!
  • Recognize and minimize bias in the classroom, school, and community
  • Connect with children and their families
  • Help close the opportunity gap for children from marginalized communities

This book offers strategies, tools, and information to help you create a culturally responsive and equitable learning environment.


  1. Early Childhood Education’s Roots in Social Justice
  2. White Privilege and Institutional Racism
  3. What If Educators Changed the World?
  4. The Research Support for Culturally Responsive Anti-Bias Education
  5. Lights, Camera, Teach! Key Features of Anti-Bias Education
  6. In a Language of Their Own: An Observational Tool to Capture Young Children’s Racial Attitudes
  7. Anti-Bias Social Justice Education: Outside the Classroom
  8. References and Recommended Reading

Paperback | 144 pages | Gryphon House | 2020

Iheoma Iruka, PhD, is the chief research officer for HighScope Educational Research Foundation. She is the former director of research and evaluation at the Buffett Early Childhood Institute at the Univ. of Nebraska and a former associate director at the FPG Child Development Institute at UNC-Chapel Hill. Stephanie Curenton, PhD, is a tenured associate professor in the Wheelock College of Education and Human Development at Boston Univ. She is director of the Ecology of School Readiness Lab. Tonia Durden, PhD, is a clinical associate professor of early childhood and elementary education and is a program coordinator at the Georgia State Univ. College of Education and Human Development. Kerry-Ann Escayg, PhD, is an assistant professor of early childhood education at the Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha.

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