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The Cartooning Career of Boris Drucker

by Johanna Drucker

For more than a half-century Boris Drucker has created a livelihood and a reputation as a cartoonist. His drawing style and humor has graced the pages of such diverse publications as the Saturday Evening Post, Playboy, Family Circle, and The New Yorker. Drucker’s work is a record of the changing American culture, and he takes as his themes the dynamics of family life, battle of the sexes, and the generation gap, while supplying commentary on art, architecture, and fashion.

This catalog draws upon the extensive archives that Drucker donated to the Special Collections Research Center at Syracuse University Library. Documenting the full span of Drucker’s career, the collection represents his work as a graphic artist and includes his art school drawings, World War II sketchbooks from India, early advertising assignments, and many published and unpublished cartoons. His daughter, Johanna Drucker, offers an insightful essay by providing context to Drucker’s work. She chronicles the scholarly culture that came to recognize the cartoonist’s ability to make penetrating observations on politics, morals, manners, and social goals of society. Fans of his work are certain to treasure this collection.

Paperback | 56 pages | Syracuse University Press | 2005

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