Dream of Venice Architecture


Dream of Venice Architecture is a journey through the remarkable Venetian urban landscape. A cadre of architects and architectural writers explore the uncharacteristic elements that make Venice unique in the world. Often the first reaction to Venice is one of feeling overwhelmed by the astonishing beauty of her existence.

Dream of Venice Architecture reveals the features that contribute to incredulity, from the mysterious sotoporteghi to the complexity of Carlo Scarpa’s immaculate detailing. The book includes reveries from architects who have built in the city, been inspired by the city and share in the wonder.

The introduction is by Richard Goy, the international authority on Venetian architecture. He bridges the chasm between the original muddy wilderness of the 5th century and the opulence of the built environment.

Tadao Ando, Japan; Enrico Baleri, Italy; James Biber, USA; Randy Bosch, USA; Mario Botta, Switzerland; Constantin Boym, USA; Louise Braverman, USA; Vincenzo Casali, Italy; Francesco Da Mosto, Italy; Cynthia Davidson, USA; Michele De Lucchi, Italy; Massimiliano Fuksas, Italy; Jonathan Glancey, UK; Richard Goy, UK; Frank Harmon, USA; Guy Horton, USA; Michael Johnson, USA; Shun Kanda, USA; Max Levy, USA; Juergen Mayer H., Germany; Robert McCarter, USA; William Menking, USA; Richard Murphy, Scotland; Louise Noelle, Mexico; Dial Parrott, USA; Valeriano Pastor, Italy; Guido Pietropoli, Italy; Carlo Ratti, Italy; Witold Rybczynski, USA; Anne-Catrin Schultz, USA; Annabelle Selldorf, USA; TAMassociati, Italy; Michael Welton, USA; Thomas Woltz, USA; Diana Yakeley, UK; Rocco Yim, China.

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