Elements of Typographic Style / Elementos do estilo tipográfico


This book is in Portuguese. Published by our favorite Brazilian publishers and badass women, UBU.

Written and designed by the North American typographer, essayist and poet Robert Bringhurst, Elements of Typographic Style gathers and discusses in depth the history of Western Typography in a delightfully accessible language. Not surprisingly, the book has become an absolute reference for anyone who wants to know or go deep in the use and design of types: covering more than 500 typographic families, their designers and the minutiae of the craft, the work gives the reader a complete overview of uses and practices, at the same time as it allows an in-depth reflection on the theme. This is certainly one of the most fundamental works on the subject already published.

As the author states: “The literary style is the power to move freely through the length and breadth of linguistic thought without slipping into banality. Typographical style, in this broad sense of the word, does not mean any particular style, ‘my style , ‘His style’, ‘neoclassical’ or ‘baroque’, but the power to move freely throughout the realm of typography and to act at every step in a graceful and vital way, without being banal. ” It is this pretension to give the reader the information necessary to achieve this instrumental and, above all intellectual liberty, what differentiates the Bringhurst book from practical manuals, historical compendia, and introductory volumes on the subject.

The book, with notes and translation by André Storlaski contains English-Portuguese glossary, characters, typographic terms, type designers, typographic foundries, and serif and serif fonts catalogs.

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