Essential Oils to Destroy the Patriarchy


Remedies Formulated for Modern Women (& 1000-Year-Old Witches)

by Eryn Nicole O’Neal

Are you paid less than your male colleagues for the same work? Do you work all day for the man and then come home and tend to another man and some kids? Do people keep interrupting you, taking credit for your ideas, and asking you to do extra social labor beyond your job description? And are you literally sick and tired of it all? With a hefty dose of irreverent self-satire, Eryn O’Neal shares the essential oil recipes that she uses to treat her own patriarchal woes, so that you can too. A tincture of clary sage may not dismantle the patriarchy singlehandedly, but it’ll help you get enough sleep so you can keep working on destroying the power dynamics that are dragging us all down.

Paperback | 64 pages | Microcosm Publishing, LLC | 2020

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