Financing Our Common Future: In the Time of COVID-19


edited by Regis Marodon 

How to reimagine finance against the many threats to the future of the species: a blueprint for sustainable finance.

Daily bad news about climate change, shrinking resources, global health crises, species extinction and growing inequalities cause tremendous anxiety and insecurity, especially since the COVID pandemic. The ambition of this book is to explain in simple but precise terms, by means of concise illustrations, what “finance” is, and how its most innovative form, sustainable finance, can reconcile the well-being of mankind with the capacities of our planet.

Is there a way to convince society that a fundamental transition is necessary―or even more, that it is possible? Can sustainable finance help?

Financing Our Common Future offers encouraging perspectives by showing how little-known groups of financial stakeholders, such as development banks, are actively working to make sustainable finance happen. The book invites you to enjoy a journey through a multitude of situations, to question our preconceptions and to open our mindset so we can envision better ways of moving forward.

Paperback | 252 pages | Lars Müller Publishers | Jan. 2021

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