Finding Soul, From Silicon Valley to Africa


A Travel Memoir and Personal Journey Through Twenty Countries in Africa

by Kurt Davis

In 2017, Kurt Davis traveled to Africa and volunteered at many business accelerators and humanitarian non-profits. Finding Soul, From Silicon Valley to Africa gives readers a detailed description of not only what Africa is like, but also how the experiences changed and inspired him.

Each chapter reads like a vignette while developing the key themes in the book: experiencing deep empathy for others, releasing ego and identity, and discovering a deeper meaning for life. There are other moments that emerge throughout its pages, such as understanding the roots of racism, the power of entrepreneurship as a tool for development, and learning how to enjoy a journey without a plan.

Finding Soul, From Silicon Valley to Africa is for anyone who is a traveler looking for a few tips about Africa, a student wanting to learn more about the continent, an entrepreneur or businessman/woman interested in Africa’s potential, or just a curious reader wanting to learn about a personal development story.

Paperback | 274 pages | Morgan James Publishing | 2020

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