Four Winds Blend Kit


The Four Winds blends were created from a personal desire for guidance from the plant world on my journey through the “circle of life.” I developed these blends out of a deep respect for Native American teachings. With great admiration towards these teachings, I share these four blends with you to use on your personal journey through the “circle of life.”

To explore the meaning of the Four Winds is to learn the symbolic meaning of the circle, the number four and the directions. The circle represents the universal symbol of wholeness. The “Circle of Life” moves from birth to old age to death to new life.

East: Where the sun rises, represents spiritual renewal, the birth of new ideas, overcoming obstacles in life. Is a blend of Ginger, Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, and Yarrow essential oils in a base of Apricot Kernel oil.

South: Where the light shines, represents renewal and teaches us about our destiny. Is a blend of Jasmine, Neroli, Rose, and Violet Leaf in a base of Apricot Kernel oil. (When I designed the South Blend I wanted it to have Linden Blossom absolute in it to help comfort and protect the heart. It was not meant to be—my suppliers were not able to find a quality absolute of Linden Blossom, so Violet Leaf took its place.  I NOW have a limited supply of Linden Blossom Absolute, and I am adding it to this blend for a short time. Enjoy!)

West: Where the sun sets, represents introspection, cleansing and the dream world. Is a blend of Bergamot, Cedar Wood, Clary Sage, and Sandalwood in a base of Apricot Kernel oil.

North: The winter season, represents purification and strength. Is a blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, Neroli, and Spikenard in a base of Apricot Kernel oil.

All oils are 5ml quantities. Comes in a set of 4.

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