From Chaos to Creativity


Make Time for the Work That Matters

From Chaos to Creativity is Jessie Kwak’s response to the culture of productivity. As a full time freelance writer and novelist, she spent years looking for ways to cram as much creative work as possible into evenings and weekends—and finding it to be a recipe for burnout.

Finally, she stopped looking for the perfect, robotic “productivity system” and developed a “creativity system” to help her corral the chaos of everyday life and create the space to meet her creative goals. And in her new book, she shows you how to build your own customized creativity system—from the big-picture thinking, planning, and dreaming to the nitty-gritty details of doing the work.

Along with drawing on her own personal experience, Jessie interviewed other creative people to find out what works—and what doesn’t work—for them. From actors and dancers to artists and graphic designers, you’ll find a wealth of examples and creative wisdom in her book. Plus, she’s gleaned the best ideas from every productivity book and online get-it-done tool, so you can spend time using the tools instead of researching them.

If you’ve been struggling to find the time and energy to write, paint, dance, create, love, laugh, and live, you need this book.

Time to get down to it and follow your passion!

192 pages, paperback, 5″x7″

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