Golden Meaning


Fifty-Five Graphic Experiments

edited by Lucienne Roberts, Rebecca Wright, with Alex Bellos

Often referred to as the ‘divine proportion’, the golden mean has long served as a blueprint for innovation and aesthetic appeal. A contemporary take on a golden oldie, Golden Meaning puts this to the test, exploring the relationship between graphic design and mathematics to present the golden mean as never before.

An attempt to demystify mathematics, this is not just a book for graphic designers. It collects the responses of 55 (think Fibonacci) designers, typographers and image-makers to the same brief – to communicate, explore or explain the golden mean, first defined by Euclid. They tackle this ancient mathematical quandary with intelligence, style and a generous pinch of wit – employing sculpture, poetry, cosmology and even cuisine. Each design is accompanied by a short rationale explaining the designer’s decision-making process.

This book is a rare find!

Paperback | 288 pages | GraphicDesign& | 2014

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