Good Actors


by Sommer Browning

At birth we are given a role—it is our name. Good Actors is a side-eyed illumination of the artist as self-help guru, oracle, and sage, but more importantly as mother, lover, and friend.

Part psychological experiment, part conceptual art piece, part screenplay, Good Actors is 100% a joyful celebration of language and life. And because it is Sommer, the book is hilarious, melancholy, and existential.

Paperback | Birds LLC | 2022

Sommer Browning writes poems, draws comics, and tells jokes in Denver. She is the author of You’re on My Period (Counterpath, 2016), The Circle Book (Cuneiform Press, 2015), Backup Singers (Birds, LLC, 2014), Presidents and Other Jokes (Future Tense Books, 2013), and Either Way I’m Celebrating (Birds, LLC, 2011). She is a librarian.

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