The H to B of Contemporary Pencil Art & Drawings

by Victionary 

At a time when almost everything can be digitally done up to perfection, the smudges and smears by graphite can be refreshing to the eye and unapologetically human – touching viewers to the core. As a creative tool, it can also be the simplest and most affordable medium with which to express oneself and find joy.

Graphite is a stunning collection of pencil artwork by creatives around the world who have skillfully mastered the art of drawing by hand to make their mark. In a twist, the book is arranged by grading scale with works progressing from H or hardness to B or blackness and through every gradation in between. Featuring various subject matters and styles, it makes for a beautiful addition to the bookshelf and invites you to step away from your screen every now and then to, perhaps, pick up a pencil yourself and appreciate the simple things in life.

Paperback | 272 pages | Victionary |  2023

Headquartered in the heart of Asia, Victionary connects creative talents and enthusiasts from all over the world through original concepts, intriguing graphic approaches, and innovative printing techniques. Founded by Victor Cheung in 2001, Viction Workshop Ltd. provides fresh perspectives, timeless inspiration, and pure visual delight through its publishing brand, viction:ary. Aside from art, illustration, and graphic design-related titles, viction:ary also publishes travel guides and children’s books. To that end, Victionary welcomes you to join us in spreading the joy of print to every corner of the world.


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