Helping Those Experiencing Loss


Grief caused by loss is both a very common human experience and a highly individualized one. For example, children experience a number of losses that are unique to their young age—such as sibling and parent death, adoption, or divorce—and should be given special consideration by professionals and parents helping them in these situations. For gay, lesbian, or cohabiting heterosexual couples that suffer the loss of a partner, societal standards often deny the survivors in these relationships the right to grieve.

Helping Those Experiencing Loss: A Guide to Grieving Resources is a book like no other, supplying compassionate information for navigating the emotional distress that every man and woman will experience in their lifetime, as well as a comprehensive guide to the literature of bereavement and grieving. It explains the grieving process, interpreting the results of research on the topic in plain language and addressing specific groups: children, young adults, parents who have lost a child, adults who have lost spouses, and the aging population.

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