Hues of Magic


by Katherine Vargas

Hues of Magic is an ode to the Black women and young girls that believe their experiences are not enough. It is a proclamation that you are enough, you are worthy, you are magic. For all Black women, from all walks of life, this heartfelt anthology of love letters weaves together the power of Black girl magic. Connect with your inner child to discover untold stories and learn that every Black experience is enough and worthy of attention. This deeply moving collection of stories intends to empower the little girl in every Black woman to let them know that they belong, no matter what their experience is and who they are. A love letter of Black girl magic — this is a reflection to explore the inner child and reflect on the stories that weave that magic together. Hues of Magic is a celebration of every experience, an opportunity to revel in the ordinary to discover the extraordinary that has been there all along.

Katherine Vargas is a multifaceted community advocate from Uptown NYC, who uses her love of art and culture to sustain and uplift underserved areas. As an artivist, Katherine brings to light the raw stories of marginalized communities through her poetry and prose. Katherine has graduated with both a Bachelor and Master in psychology and uses her knowledge in the field to advocate health rights in her community. As a devoted organizer, she draws awareness to the importance of equitable wellness and communal power by facilitating conversations on holistic wellness and sustaining compassion within her community. Katherine founded Gente Healing in the Park in 2021– a project, and now a movement, that promotes holistic wellness in her community. Katherine strives to build long-lasting efforts as a powerhouse existing at the intersection of unwavering compassion, joy, and unapologetic rawness.

Soft cover | Flower Press Shop | 2021




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