Hypertheticals Game


50 Questions for Insane Conversations 

by Chuck Klosterman

This addictive collection of outlandish hypothetical questions from an acclaimed pop-culture journalist is sure to stimulate unconventional conversations and unexpected debates.

  • You are in an unfortunate situation in which you must consider cannibalism in order to stay alive. Would you rather eat babies or elderly people?
  • You are offered a Brain Pill that will make you feel 10 percent more intelligent, but you will seem 20 percent less intelligent to everyone else. Would you take the pill?
  • You wake up inhabiting Bruce Springsteen’s body. Your voice sounds just like Bruce’s, but your musical abilities are still entirely your own. You are scheduled to perform a huge concert that night. What would you do?

How do you think your mother would answer these questions? Your best friend? Your significant other? Get ready for some insane conversations!


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