Infographic Design


Visual Storytelling with Information and Data

Preface by Nigel Holmes
Essays and interviews by Keith Tam

Infographics provide graphic visual representations of information or knowledge intended to present data quickly and concisely to a broad swath of users of different skills, abilities, and backgrounds. Infographic Design explores the building blocks of infographics and data visualization starting with a brief history of the discipline followed by an examination of the most common contemporary approaches to visual representation. Twenty-two thoughtfully selected experts on data visualization share their work in the book and offer insightful perspectives about how they visually process information and data. An indispensable reference for information designers and engaged readers alike,

Hardcover | 288 pages | Gingko Press | 2021

Nigel Holmes is a British/American graphic designer, author, and theorist as well as a graduate of the Royal College of Art, London. Mr. Holmes’s practice focuses on information graphics and information design.

Keith Tam is an information designer, typographer, and academic. Mr. Tam is currently head of Communication Design at Hong Kong Design Institute and a Distinguished Fellow at Shanghai University.

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