Japanese Color Harmony Dictionary: Modern Colors of Japan


by Teruko Sakurai

An indispensable guide to the colors and combinations of contemporary Japanese design–by one of Japan’s leading colorists!

Color consultant Teruko Sakurai finds inspiration everywhere–in the foods, landscapes and everyday objects of her native land. Flipping through the pages of this book is like taking a tour through modern Japan. The tones, hues and palettes will dazzle and inspire you.

Over 3,300 different color combinations are presented in over 125 different themes. Each two-page section in this book presents a different theme with the following information:

  • An introduction giving a brief background on the color scheme and a description of how it can be used
  • A number-coded nine-color palette board showing the range of shades and hues that complement and comprise the scheme
  • CMYK, RGB and HEX (the color code used in Japan) references for all nine colors
  • 26 examples including two- and three-color combinations with photos and illustrations

This is an indispensable guide for graphic designers, illustrators, decorators, artists and publishing professionals. It will also be enjoyable and inspiring for readers planning their own home design or art projects.

Paperback | 304 pages | Tuttling Publishing | 2021

Teruko Sakurai is CEO of Tokyo Colors, a company focusing on design, color consulting and corporate training. She advises product and advertising corporate clients as well as color science instructors at universities and design schools, in addition to producing her own color teaching manuals. In 2014, she was the first Japanese person to be certified as an instructor in the Swedish National Standard Natural Color System (NCS). She is a member of the Japan Color Society, a color design master with the International Color Design Association and a certified lecturer for the Color Certification Association and Colorist Association of Japan.

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