Kleid 2mm Grid Notes A5




Basic 2mm square note

Kleid’s own 2mm square notebook that can write beautifully the characters and illustrations. It is finished in highly versatile A5 vertical type using the highest grade writing instrument “Fools paper” in the country. A note that can be said to be the true point of a brand that realizes a new writing feeling that changes the concept of the note.

Use “OK Fools Paper”

A British paper called “Fool’s Cap” that often appears in the detective novel “Sherlock Holmes Series” published by the British writer Conan Doyle in the 19th century. This is said to be the root of the “Fools Paper.” Fools Paper is the highest grade writing paper in Japan with excellent writing aptitude such as smooth writing taste and good ink absorbency. Well compatible with a fountain pen, contains a unique high-grade paper and watermark.

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