Marotices (Portuguese Edition)


by Marion Fayolle

marotices, the title of the Portuguese edition of this book, means “the rascals”.
los traviesos, the title of the French edition, means “the naughty”.
gli amanti, the title of the Italian edition, means “the lovers”.

What would the title of the American edition be? the shameful? the put your pants back on, you sickos? We’ll never know. We do know that some of you rascals are going to love this erotic and surreal little book as much as we did when we discovered it on a trip to Portugal and decided to bring some back to the Shop.

Marotices‘, um conjunto de desenhos oníricos e eróticos de Marion Fayolle, retrata com humor e estranheza as múltiplas possibilidades de ligação amorosa entre homens e mulheres. Perspicaz, intenso e divertido, este livro combina humor com filosofia, para nos oferecer uma obra de poesia imagética, abundante em metáforas e silêncios narrativos. Mil malícias visuais que ficam a retinir na nossa imaginação e prometem libertar libidos e sorrisos.

Marotices‘, a set of dreamlike and erotic drawings by Marion Fayolle, portrays with humor and strangeness the multiple possibilities of love bond between men and women. Insightful, intense and fun, this book combines humor with philosophy, to offer us a work of imagery poetry, abundant in metaphors and narrative silences. A thousand visual malice that keeps ringing in our imagination and promises to release libidos and smiles.

Paperback | Orfeu Negro | 2015

Marion Fayolle grew up in Ardèche and joined the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg in 2006. She graduated in June 2011. She is the author of eight books. She also works for the press: XXI, The New York Times, Télérama, Paris Mômes, Psychologies Magazine, Fooding, Papiers, the 1

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