MisMerch’d Vol. 1


by Heather Link Bergman
is PRESS, Denver, Colorado

MisMerch’d Vol. 1 is a 20 page, 5.5 x 8.5″ saddle-stitched zine with a cover letterpresses in fluorescent green ink documenting the phenomena of people removing unwanted items from their cart at the grocery store and “returning them” to the shelf wherever they happen to be. A collection of bizarre and hilarious product juxtapositions are further illuminated with witty haikus!

MisMerch’d Vol. 1 has covers printed on 120lb. French Spekletone Kraft paper in on a Chandler and Price Letterpress! The interior pages are laser printed in 80# gloss paper and are JUST $6.99!

MisMerch’d Vol. 1 fourth printing have a fluorescent green masthead a letterpress print of a shopping bag in an edition of 96! NOW with 25% more haiku!!!

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