Mixed Company


stories by Jenny Shank

“I don’t know the last time I devoured so quickly—so completely—a book of short fiction. The stories in Mixed Company are breezy, vivid, at turns delightful and aching—and quite serious. Truly, across chasms of gender, race, and class, across generations and just across town, these stories aim to do nothing less than remind us of the messiness and grace of reaching out to one another.” ​—Joe Wilkins, author of Fall Back Down When I Die and The Mountain and the Fathers

Winner of the George Garrett Fiction Prize

In Mixed Company Jenny Shank reveals moments of grace and connection between people of her hometown, Denver, through stories that contrast the city during its oil-bust era of economic troubles and court-ordered crosstown busing for racial desegregation with the burgeoning and gentrifying city of recent years.

Paperback | 245 pages | Texas Review Press | 2021

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