Mixed Feelings Sticker Book


by Adam J. Kurtz

How do you feel today?

Rainbows, moods, holidays, food, fake stamps, too-real reminders, and one very happy purple dog??? From artist Adam J. Kurtz, author of the 1 Page at a Time creative journal, comes a huge mix of stickers designed for real life, with doubles of everything so you can use your favorites without worrying about it.

Whether you journal, plan, or just really love stickers, inside you’ll find the perfect expression of who—and how—you are.


  • Over 1,000 die-cut stickers (closer to 1,150 but it didn’t sound good in the subtitle)
  • Two pages of holographic stickers ideal for Unsolicited Advice‘s monthly check-ins
  • Doubles of everything but in alternate and sometimes wacky colors
  • Self-care vibes but like… realistic… you’ll actually use them
  • Pocket-sized book matches TAWYMOT and YAHFN so it looks good on the shelf
  • Self-published by the artist (hi) who had a massive sticker collection as a child, surprising literally nobody
  • No cuss words, these are “safe” for kids/teens!

Paperback | 42 pages | JK | 2021

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