A Platform for Expanded Fashion Practice

edited by Ruby Hoette and Caroline Stevenson, with contributions by (D&K) Ricarda Bigolin, Janice Miller, T’ai Smith, Ellen Sampson, and Alexis Romano.

Bridging the divide between theory and practice in fashion

In contemporary fashion, creative practitioners are actively seeking to challenge traditional practices and question the very definition of their discipline. While the mainstream fashion industry continues to uphold commercial boundaries, there are emergent practices that propose alternate value systems and different ways of thinking, doing and being fashion. These are expanded fashion practices: experimental methods, curiosity and criticality that have the ability to interrogate the social, cultural, political and environmental impacts of fashion and point to a future that transcends the current capitalist paradigm.

Modus gathers and maps these diverse and rich practices and provides a platform to bridge the divide between theory and practice in fashion. It facilitates conversations between the practitioners working in this expanded field and writers/theorists from a range of disciplines including sociology, cultural and critical theory, politics and economics to help formulate new perspectives on fashion.

Paperback | 36 pages | Onomatopee Projects | 2019

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