Moon Lists: Questions and Rituals for Self-Reflection


A Guided Journal

by Leigh Patterson

Loosely organized around the phases of the moon and punctuated with references to ’70s astrology, architecture, and art, Moon Lists encourages journalers to stop and reflect on the precious moments in their lives before time passes them by. A set of evolving monthly writing prompts and suggestions for physical activities can be completed individually or with a partner, and will offer readers some perspective on the present and their recent past.

Leigh Patterson started Moon Lists as an online project: an evolving set of questions for reflecting on, documenting, and taking inventory of the recent past. Each month, Patterson asked women in a variety of creative fields to respond to a list of prompts about the past 30 days. This journal is a tangible version of her exercise—a notebook you shove in your bag and aren’t afraid to wear down.

Included in this guided journal are 18 months’ worth of prompts for your own Moon Lists reflections. Create a weekly ritual to journal and consider what’s taking up space in your mind. These list-making prompts will un-cloud the division between the conscious and subconscious, bringing awareness to the beauty of daily life.

160 pages

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